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Don’t Eat at Marge’s Kitchen

I don’t normally write restaurant reviews, but then, this isn’t really a normal review. That is to say, I have nothing to say about the food at Marge’s Kitchen, because I haven’t actually had any.

Here is the story: Marge’s Kitchen is a small breakfast restaurant in Northampton, MA. It’s a short walk from where we live now, and, as we often like going out for brunch, we decided to try it today. The menu is not very extensive, but has most of the breakfast staples, and has very reasonable prices. There are a few unusual items as well, such as the choice of sweet potato home fries in addition to regular potato ones. The place also seems to have a slogan: “The customer is never right.” I found this amusing at first, but apparently it isn’t a joke. More on that later. Click Here to Read More »

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Catching Up, Part III

This past August, I went hiking on Section 8 of the M-M Trail. Unlike the previous hike in section 7 (see previous post), I did this one by myself. I hiked this section from East to West, starting at Mt. Harris Rd. in Southeast Amherst, and finishing at the Notch Visitor Center on Route 116. In order to do the hike just one-way, I first drove to the Visitor Center with my bike in tow. I parked the car there, and rode the bike along surface roads to the other end of the trail section. Then, locking the bike up there, I did the hike, and had the car waiting for me at the end (so I could drive to pick up the bike and then home).

I also took some pictures on the hike. Click Here to Read More »

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Catching Up, Part II

Here in Western Massachusetts, we have a lot of hiking trails, and some of them go over mountains (they’re really more like big hills, but we call them mountains).
In particular, trails run along the Holyoke Range, which is just to the East of the Connecticut River. Every year, the students and staff of the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics go on a hike over part of the range, and I’ve gone along the past 2 summers. This year, I took a camera, so there are pictures to be seen (and posted).

This particular trail is part of the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail. Specifically, it’s Section 7. We started at the Eastern end of the section, at Hwy 116, and hiked West to the summit of Mt. Holyoke in Skinner State Park (so not quite all the way to the Western end of the section).

Here’s what I saw along the way: Click Here to Read More »

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Catching Up, Part I

Or, “What I did on my summer vacation”

So, I’ve had some stuff I’ve wanted to post for quite some time, but haven’t had time to blog for a while, as a result of searching for apartments, moving, and setting up the new household. Now I have gotten caught up, and will present the first of 3 posts showing a bunch of pictures I took this past summer. I suppose this is a little like making people look at a vacation slideshow, except that you’re free to leave this page at any time.

At the end of June/beginning of July, I went on a whirlwind road trip to attend my cousin’s wedding reception in Sault Sainte Marie (the wedding itself had occurred on an earlier date in Jamaica). The reception was to be held on Saturday evening. I say “whirlwind” because I drove to the Detroit area Friday, saw a friend for a few hours in the evening, stayed the night at my Mom’s, drove to the UP barely in time for the reception, left there after 11:30 and went to a motel room for the night, then drove all the way back to Massachusetts on Sunday.

It was a fun trip nonetheless, and I took some pictures, which are the reason for this post. Click Here to Read More »

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Say goodnight, Georgie…

I find it amusing that the 2 senators who conceded today are named Burns and Allen.

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