So, a month or so ago, I was sitting on the couch, watching a video – I forget what it was. I had my cat Shark on my lap. I also had been eating a bit of dessert, and had a glass of milk in my hand, resting on the couch next to my leg.

At one point, after not taking a drink for a little bit, I looked down and discovered that the tip of Shark’s tail was sitting in the milk. Had there been a camera handy, there would be a picture, but alas, there was none.

I removed the offending protuberance, and tried to clean droplets off. Shark now realized that his tail was wet and proceeded to clean it – he cleaned it for a long time actually, presumably because it tasted good. Meanwhile, I removed a few hairs from the glass and drank the rest. Yes, I probably ingested some remaining cat hairs, but it isn’t as though I don’t do that all the time anyway. Those with hairy pets understand.