We finally got snow. Enough to cover the ground completely, in fact. This has been a ridiculously un-snowy winter in New England, with hardly any snowflakes, and no accumulation, occurring until the beginning of February. That first weekend in the month we got 3 inches in an evening, and last Wednesday we got 8 to 10 inches. It’s been so brown out that I thought I should document the white condition, in case we end up with browness later in the season as well. So here are pics from my new camera:

I didn’t leave the porch to take more pics, as it was still sleeting at that point.

I suppose that the new camera itself is a piece of news. It has a resolution 6 times that of the camera I was using before (8mp as opposed to 2), but is half the size and weight of the old one. Having a lighter camera is nice, because I can now easily carry the thing with me and perhaps take more photos.

Speaking of which, here is an interesting cloud in front of the late-afternoon sun: