Although it’s by way of Canada. Last weekend I happened to be in what’s primarily an office supply store in downtown Amherst, but which has a candy section at the front. I noticed they had Coffee Crisp candy bars. “Ah,” I thought, “they import Coffee Crisp here.” You see, Coffee Crisp is one of my favorite candy bars (which is strange, since I don’t like coffee), but has only ever been available in Canada, despite being made by Nestle, a U.S. company.

There was something odd, though. The price was 35 cents per bar, or 3 for a dollar. “That’s really cheap, since it’s imported!” I either thought or said out loud. I picked one (or maybe three) up, and noticed that the package was different. In Canada all packages have to be marked in English and French. These bars were labeled in English and Spanish. Then I noticed, in smaller print, the URL “Could it be true?”

A check of the web later confirmed it – Nestle is now selling Coffee Crisp in the U.S. An online petition effort helped make this happen, apparently. It hasn’t got very wide distribution yet, but fans can lobby stores to carry it.

All I can say is, “Yum.”

Oh, if you’re wondering about the Swiss link, it’s that Nestle’s parent company is based in Switzerland.