One of the more fun presents I got for Xmas was a package of Giant Pocky.  For those not familiar with the Japanese confection known as Pocky, it is crunchy sticks coated in chocolate (or other flavors not shown on the page I linked to – of which there are many).  I’m a big fan of Pocky, though don’t eat it all the time because it tends not to be cheap.  I’ve tried several flavors, but never the Giant ones, though I believe they were probably  reviewed by Ms. Boo (though I can’t find a review in her snack review archives).  The Giant version are quite a bit bigger than the normal kind; I photographed them here next to an ice-cream truck for comparison:


As you can see, the scale is well above that of a human vehicle.  Giant, indeed.

Regular-sized Pocky has the sticks grouped in bags within the box – at least 4 sticks to a bag.  These are individually wrapped:



When unwrapped, they look like the usual chocolate kind, only bigger:


And they taste about the same, except that the biscuity stick taste (kind of like a barely-sweet cracker) dominates the chocolate more, perhaps because the chocolate layer is not as thick in proportion.  They’re still tasty, as they use a slightly bitter chocolate on these (as opposed to Men’s Pocky, which is even more bitter).  They’re still good, and I’ll definitely eat the whole box (though it will take a while to go through).