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A few weeks ago I biked up to Greenfield, MA to check out the Brick and Mortar Video Art Festival.  It was a one-day presentation of many video installations at 5 different buildings in town, all 5 of which were in at least partial need of renovation.  I had not heard of the festival before, … Read more

Earlier this evening, I went out to pick up a few groceries.  As I was driving up the somewhat rural road that leads to our local commercial strip, I saw some cars with their blinkers on just up ahead.  Some of them were clustered just off the side of the road in a field.  As … Read more

A month ago, I did an organized bike ride that started out nearby in Northampton.  It was a fundraiser for the youth cycling programs of the Northampton Cycling Club.  Unlike the MS rides I’ve done, the riders weren’t expected to raise donations – the funds were simply from registration fees. I did a 40-mile ride.  … Read more

Here’s another sci-fi webcomic review.  Galaxion, by Tara Tallan, concerns space exploration and a mission to test an experimental interstellar drive (after 2 previous experiments met with failure). This comic is one that was first published as a print comic series in the 1990’s, but Tallan relaunched it on the web a few years ago, … Read more

I seem to have already failed at the challenge of posting to my blog every day this month.  I did not post at all yesterday.  I wasn’t even all that busy in the evening – I just plain forgot to do it.  Easy to do if one is not in the habit. I still think … Read more

It’s been quite a while since I last posted here about a webcomic that I read.  Since the last time, there are a few I’ve picked up, and I’ll be posting about them this month. Up today is Runners, by Sean Wang.  It’s a sci-fi comic, with a partial adventure, partial comedy bent.  The main … Read more

First, let me begin by stating that I am attempting to fulfill the requirements of NaBloPoMo this year (National Blog Posting Month).  Actually it’s just one requirement – I will endeavor to post something to this blog each day for the month of November.  This is the first of those 30 posts. This past August, … Read more