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Shopping pitfalls

Computer software may be able to win on a quiz show, but can it be trusted to identify groceries?

Every week I look through the sale items at my local supermarkets.  I do this online, and generally go looking through by category.  This week I noticed interesting placement of some items on one store’s site, which led me to believe that a robot of some kind is categorizing the items in the company’s database.

To wit:

Of course, these things are all in proper places in the physical store, but then it’s humans who place them on the shelves.  As things get more automated, it wouldn’t hurt to keep this kind of thing in mind, lest we end up drinking a loaf of bread, sautéing with 10W30, or spreading toy trucks on top of toast.

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Piled Higher and Deeper

During the latter half of January and the beginning of February we continued to get a good deal of snow.  Here’s how things looked a week or so ago (just after we’d been out shoveling:

Here’s a closer view of the house:

The snow piled up on the lower part of the roof makes it hard to see out some of our windows:

Here I am, illustrating how high the shoveled snow is piled near the porch:

Note that it is about as tall as me (I’m 6′ 3″).

The bushes in the front yard are well buried:

And (for the second time this winter) our mailbox got knocked off its post by a plow:

Here is the snow on the back deck, now a bit higher than the table:

And the view of the table from inside:

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