But mostly lions.

This was the view out my hotel window the first morning, as the sun was about to come up over the mountains:

I wandered around the hotel area the first night to get dinner, which included walking through the casino.  It’s pretty extensive:

And it has a car in it:

You can get married in the hotel in its own wedding chapel:

There are some renovations going on, marked with this large poster:

It took me a second to get the visual joke.

One neat thing they have in the hotel, in keeping with the lion theme, is a lion habitat.  It’s an area that, for a section of each day, has a couple of lions in it, playing, being fed, sleeping, etc.

Apparently the lions don’t live there full-time.  There are a whole bunch of them that live on a ranch outside town, and they transport a couple each day to the hotel in a specially designed vehicle.

The staff of the habitat were attempting to get the lions to play:

They would play a little, but mostly just wanted to lie around.  (they are cats, after all)


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