A while back, I noticed a falcon sitting on the fire escape of an empty building in Holyoke that I pass on the way to work.

I took a closer look after work, and saw that there was what looked like a nest in the top landing of the fire escape:

In that blurry cell phone picture, you can see the mama falcon just to the left of the nest, perched on the railing.

I wanted to bring my better camera to get clearer pictures, but kept forgetting it for a few days.  By the time I managed to bring it, I ceased to see the mama there.  Eventually, I think whatever babies there flew away, and the nest was abandoned.

However, one of the mornings I brought my regular camera, I noticed a different sort of flying creature on the side of my building:

I know this to be a butterfly, because it rests with its wings folded together (moths have their wings apart when at rest).  I owe that knowledge to the trip to Magic Wings earlier this year.