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This Year’s Quabbin Pics

As I seem to do just about once a year, I went for a bike ride last Memorial Day weekend that included riding through the Quabbin Reservoir reservation.

What I have not done every time is ride up the long hill to the observation tower there, but I did so this time.

Here are views west and north from the tower (click each image to enlarge):






From there I continued riding east on Route 9, through the town of Ware and just a little ways into the town of West Brookfield (which I had not been in before).  At that point I needed to turn around for time and energy reasons (I needed to save some strength for climbing the hills on the way home), and I just passed through a bit of the Quabbin park on the way back (one can pass over Winsor Dam without having to go through the hilly parts of the reservation).

Posted by seaking on 11-24-2014 at 10:11 pm
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