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On my last day in London I got to spend half the day in the city.  I left the apartment I’d been staying in and took the bus up to King’s Cross station again, and stored my luggage there.  I then walked to the British Museum again to go through more of its galleries (stopping … Read more

On Friday, 9/12, I headed for Picadilly in the morning, to go by a small art gallery.  The gallery had a showing of photographs of Kate Bush by 2 different photographers (showing that month because of the concerts).  Before stopping in to the gallery, I found a somewhat fancy restaurant in which to have breakfast, … Read more

On my second day in England, I returned to Oxford and took a boat tour of the Thames River (the waterway also known in that city as the Isis). I walked down to the tour place a bit early and bought my ticket, and then walked around until the departure time.  Here’s the river, seen … Read more

Another quick post.  A month or so back, I was out mowing the leaves (and a bit of grass), and I saw something moving quickly out of the way of the mower.  It was about the same color as the grass. On closer inspection, it was a large praying mantis: When I say “large,” I … Read more

Just a quick post tonight, as I’m pressed for time. When I was in the Keflavik airport, about to fly to England, I found this postcard in the duty-free shop: (Click the photo to see it at a larger size)   I thought it summed up the trip pretty nicely.    😉

My first morning in England I had porridge for breakfast at my friend’s place in Didcot, and then we headed off to Oxford by train. We first visited the Ashmolean museum, where we looked at a lot Greek and Roman items (large statues as well as tiny, intricate jewelry), as well as some South Asian … Read more