I’ve signed up for this year’s Will Bike 4 Food, the cycling fundraiser held by the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.  This is the 6th year the Food Bank has held the event, and it will be my fourth time participating (I wasn’t able to do it in 2014 or 2015 because of travel and moving, respectively).

As in the past, I’ll be riding the 100-mile route, and I aim to complete it in less time than I did in previous tries.  When I last rode in 2013, it took me a full 12 hours to go the distance.  This year I believe I can do it in 10 hours (or less), so that is the challenge I’ve set myself.  It looks like the route is somewhat less insane in terms of hills, so this should be doable.

The Food Bank does excellent work distributing food to partner organizations in the area who get it to people that are in need, and I hope you’ll consider donating to support this work.  You can make a donation online at my fundraising page, or contact me if you would rather send a check.  As an extra incentive, if donations to my page reach the $1000 goal that I’ve set, I will personally donate an additional $1000.  Contributions in any amount are helpful.

Thanks for your support!