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A few weeks ago I biked up to Greenfield, MA to check out the Brick and Mortar Video Art Festival.  It was a one-day presentation of many video installations at 5 different buildings in town, all 5 of which were in at least partial need of renovation.  I had not heard of the festival before, … Read more

I got a chance this summer to do something I had been wanting to do for 2 decades – go see DEVO perform in concert.  They’ve always been one of my favorite bands, and I heard early in the year that they’d be releasing a new album and touring, so I was on the lookout.  … Read more

Once again I attended a concert by They Might Be Giants.  Like the previous 2 I went to, this one took place in the Calvin Theater in Northampton.  Unlike any other TMBG show I’ve been to, this one was on New Year’s Eve. I took pictures using both my regular camera and my iPhone, so … Read more

A couple of weeks ago, we went to see a special screening of the film Sleep Dealer.  It’s a political science-fiction film, dealing with a (very?) near-future time when the U.S.-Mexico border is completely closed physically, but workers in Mexico are able to connect their minds to a network and control robots to do work … Read more

This is the last catch-up post – again posting about something that happened in October.  I went to see They Might Be Giants at the Calvin Theater in Northampton, just as I’d done the previous October.  Seating was different this time – the last time I’d been there, there were additional chairs setup in front … Read more

So, once again this year, They Might Be Giants came to play in Northampton. They played last night at the Calvin Theater, and added something special just for this stop on the tour: a horn section! The concert was in the evening, but earlier, they did a quick acoustic performance at the Northampton Box Office. … Read more

This year I didn’t have to drive for 2 hours – we were able to see They Might Be Giants right here in Northampton. They performed 2 shows last month at the Iron Horse Music Hall. Specifically, there were 7pm and 10pm shows on Saturday, May 5. We had decided to get tickets to the … Read more

Spring is the time when young Ann Arborites’ fancy turns to thoughts of terrible cinema. Those thoughts are directed at the Smithee Awards, a presentation that recognizes bad movies for their lack of accomplishment (Smithee web site here, Smithee blog here). The show is put on by some friends of mine and I’ve attended many … Read more