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It’s been quite a while since I last posted here about a webcomic that I read.  Since the last time, there are a few I’ve picked up, and I’ll be posting about them this month. Up today is Runners, by Sean Wang.  It’s a sci-fi comic, with a partial adventure, partial comedy bent.  The main … Read more

A few weeks ago I traveled to NYC for the day, and attended the MoCCA Art Fest – an indie comic convention that I’ve been to twice before. As I did last year, I drove to Norwalk, CT, and then took the train into Grand Central Station.  I was able to walk to the convention … Read more

Last month I attended the first ever New England Webcomics Weekend (NEWW).  It was pretty fun.  It was billed as the first comic convention (in the U.S anyway) that was all webcomic artists – nobody who works mainly or solely in the print realm.  Given how popular webcomics have gotten this decade, it’s surprising that … Read more

Earlier this month I headed down to NYC for the MOCCA Art Fest. MOCCA is the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, and it’s located in Manhattan. The Art Fest is a small press convention they put on each year. I call it the “other” convention because there was another, larger con going on in … Read more

Let me mention another online comic. Dicebox is a comic I’ve been reading for just over 5 years now, and it is a planned long-format story (it’s just about 25% of the way finished currently); you could call it an online graphic novel. As to genre, it might best be called anthropological science fiction. It … Read more

I’ve updated several pages on my website over the last few days, which included adding links to some webcomics that I hadn’t linked to before.  I’ve also added links to these in the blog sidebar (over there on the left and scroll down a bit), but I thought it would be good to give them … Read more

I scored as a non-dyke, though. I find it interesting that my main result is the one man in the bunch (maybe gender is that significant!). Which Dyke to Watch Out For Are You? created with You scored as Stuart You are Stuart, partner and co-parent with bi-dyke Sparrow. You believe that values need … Read more

Last month I drove up to Vermont for the first time since we moved to Massachusetts.  I had only been in Vermont once before, on a camping trip with my father and brother about 17 years or so ago. This trip was to Brattleboro, which is not far away – only 45 minutes from Noho.  … Read more