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I scored as a non-dyke, though. I find it interesting that my main result is the one man in the bunch (maybe gender is that significant!). Which Dyke to Watch Out For Are You? created with You scored as Stuart You are Stuart, partner and co-parent with bi-dyke Sparrow. You believe that values need … Read more

Another online quiz, this one to determine how nerdy one is, and in what ways. I didn’t score as highly as I thought I would. One neat thing I liked about this quiz is that it has more than 2 options for answering the gender question. 🙂

I found out about these quizzes from the blog of Mr. Matt Quirk.  Both results are surprising – I wouldn’t generally identify with either of these characters. (the less geeky among you are probably wondering why I’d identify with any comic book character…) Your results: You are Superman Superman 75% Spider-Man 60% Hulk 55% Robin … Read more

I’ve added two new blog links to the sidebar, and you can tell they’re men of distinction, because they’re both named Sean. Sean Pronay is a friend from Cincinnati, who I met through a local Dennis Kucinich group during the 2004 election. In addition to sharing many of my political perspectives, he also is a … Read more

So it seems that DARPA is interested in making cyborgs. Animal cyborgs, at least – both flying and swimming ones – to gather intelligence in otherwise hard to reach places. I have to confess, I find this almost as cool as I find it scary. Cybernetic organisms have only been in the realm of science … Read more

Went to Philadelphia this past weekend, and took in the Bodyworlds exhibit at the Franklin Institute. It was extremely fascinating. Seeing real human internal anatomy in person was well worth the admission price, especially since one’s only other option would be going to med school (the only other legal option, anyway). In addition to seeing … Read more