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Last fall, we acquired a night-blooming cereus plant (more correctly known as epiphyllum oxypetalum) from someone on Freecycle.  I was told that it had never bloomed in its former home.  We thought, “well, maybe we’ll get lucky”.  So it sat on the porch until the weather got cold, and then it sat by a window … Read more

During the latter half of January and the beginning of February we continued to get a good deal of snow.  Here’s how things looked a week or so ago (just after we’d been out shoveling: Here’s a closer view of the house: The snow piled up on the lower part of the roof makes it … Read more

A blizzard hit us last night, and so we had a large amount of snow waiting to be shoveled in the morning.  3-5 inches were predicted to fall overnight, but it looked like 8 inches when I got up (before 6am).  It was still coming down quickly, too. Here’s the view of the back deck … Read more

Quick post to mention an encounter I had shortly after Thanksgiving.  I was taking food scraps out to the compost pile late in the evening.  I often see various wildlife prowling around the yard and sometimes in or near the compost.  That night, as I approached the pile, I heard something scrambling through the leaves, … Read more

Earlier this evening, I went out to pick up a few groceries.  As I was driving up the somewhat rural road that leads to our local commercial strip, I saw some cars with their blinkers on just up ahead.  Some of them were clustered just off the side of the road in a field.  As … Read more

This year, my workplace, Holyoke Health Center, registered a contingent in the Northampton LGBT Pride parade, and I was one of the people who marched.  Despite living in the Pioneer Valley for 5 years, I had not before ever seen this parade, mainly because it isn’t held at the same time as in other parts … Read more

On October 4, a couple of ribbon-cutting events were held (along with some other festivities) to mark the completion of new sections of bike trail in Northampton.  I was there, and my report follows. The first ceremony was held at the bike bridge over Main St. downtown.  It drew a pretty good-sized crowd: It was … Read more

My first training ride for the MS event involved going to visit a spot that I’ve been meaning to hit for a couple of years.  That would be Sugarloaf Mountain in Deerfield.  I rode North through Hadley, picking up Route 116 and taking it through the town of Sunderland, and then across the river into … Read more

Most people who know me may remember my fundraising bike ride in 2007, which I did to raise money for MS research.  Well, I’m going to be doing that ride again this year.  My reasons remain the same – knowing people with MS and wanting to help out in some way.  The last time I … Read more

In an update of my previous post, the 2 little mourning doves did not live.  It’s possible that they were already dead when I photographed them – it was hard to tell.  But later on there was no movement, and the parents seemed to abandon the nest, so I eventually climbed up and cleaned out … Read more