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I’ve reached the first rest stop, which is earlier in the route than last year.  It’s at the Northfield Mt. Hermon school in Gill, at mile 26. One quarter down, three to go.

I have posted each of the past few years as we got blooms on our night-blooming sirius plants.  For each of 2011, 2012, and 2013, we had exactly one bloom.  This year, we had 2 flowers growing in late July.  Even though we have 2 separate plants now (having divided the original plant in the … Read more

It has been quite a long time since I last posted on the blog.  My previous post was about 1 year ago.  There’s no particular reason I went so long – I just kept not getting around to it.  But, now I am back, and will talk a little about what was happening last September. … Read more

Yesterday morning I got out of bed, and noticed an interesting color to the light that was coming in the window.  I looked out, and saw that the eastern sky was very red. The camera kept wanting to focus on the screen, so I tried getting pictures through screenless windows, though I didn’t have as … Read more

So, today is Cyber Monday.  A day when online retailers offer various deals on goods – always the Monday after Thanksgiving.  It’s sort of an electronic version of Black Friday, though I noticed plenty of ads for Internet bargains this past Friday, not just sales in physical stores. As I recall from when I first … Read more

There’s a picture I could have posted in last night’s entry, but it doesn’t quite fit with the creatures I mentioned before.  The salamander and mantis had both visited my house, but the picture below was taken in the public parking garage near where I work.  The garage has a built-in lighting system that is … Read more

I have two different creature sightings to mention here.  One is from quite a while ago, but involves pictures.  The other just happened this evening, but I didn’t have a chance to take any pics. First off, back when the weather was warm (mid-September) I heard a small noise on the sliding door to our … Read more

A quick post here to share photos of some different creatures who live on (or frequent) our yard. This individual was seen a lot in April and May: Here’s a dove, on the table where we often scatter birdseed: And we sometimes see a flicker pecking at the lawn: More posts to come on other … Read more

I’m writing this blog post from bed (a time when it’s useful to have a laptop).  Normally, I don’t get to bed quite this early, but my partner needs to be up at the crack of 3:30, and can’t easily fall asleep alone. I’m musing on this week’s puzzle given by Will Shortz on NPR.  … Read more