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After too long a hiatus, Sad Libs have returned.  At least, I’ve put a new one up.  I write about it here for anyone who may be checking this blog, but not the Sad Lib blog.  Henceforth, (hopefully) regular updates to Sad Libs won’t be posted here, as they have their own feed. I’ve also … Read more

It was several weeks in the making, but I have converted the Sadlibs to be a blog of their own. I will no longer be posting here when I have a new Sadlib up, because that blog will have its own RSS feed etc. Also, now that Sadlibs are in blog form, please feel free … Read more

I’ve updated several pages on my website, including adding a new clip to the video page and updating the cats’ pages. I’ve also posted a new, special Sad Lib, which is quite a bit longer than previous ones, but should be worth the time.

There’s a new Sadlib today, and, taking a suggestion that was made to me, I have tried a new version of the input form. All the word requests are grouped by part of speech, rather than bring in (or near) the order they get used in the story. Hope you enjoy it.