For my second ride of the fundraiser, I planned to ride out west into Berkshire County, then come back on a more southerly route, including a dip into Connecticut, as seen on the map above (click on images to see larger version). This ride did not begin from my house – instead I drove with … Read more

Before I describe this ride, I want to start off by noting that my fundraising goal has already been surpassed! That happened within a little over 2 days, which is certainly a record for my involvement in Will Bike 4 Food. The generosity is great, and I hope even more will be contributed (I’ll match … Read more

It is September, and the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts is once again holding its Will Bike 4 Food fundraiser. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it a problem to hold a group event, but it also has increased many people’s financial difficulty, and food insecurity. The Food Bank has reported serving 16% more people from March … Read more

As in the past year, I showed up last Sunday right at 6:30am for Will Bike 4 Food, which was when registration opened. As I drove in to the parking area, even before unloading my bike, I saw some riders heading out as soon as they could. I was not that quick about it, as … Read more

The hills I refer to in the title are merely new to me, not newly built. I expect they’ve been there for millenia. However, my last training ride for Will Bike 4 Food was a different organized event: Bikefest, put on by the Northampton Cycling Club. I’ve participated in it many times in the past, … Read more

It is now 4:00. I am at the finish, having pulled in at 3:58pm. I started the ride at 6:58am, so my time was exactly 9 hours! I am tired, sore, and hungry, so I will sign off for now. Stay tuned for posts with more details later. Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

Well, I’m at the last official rest stop, but if I have to I can stop and rest along the remaining course. It is 2:42pm, and so I’m definitely on track to finish by 4:00. Just about 16 miles to go.

It is 12:55pm, and I’m at the third rest stop, which is at Deerfield Academy (in Deerfield). The volunteers here are all academy students (as well as football players, I think). They applaud and cheer each rider who comes in, or even passes by. A bunch of flat riding ahead as I head down into … Read more