I’m at the second stop in Guilford, VT, at about mile 41. The time is 10:20. The day is heating up a little now. Fortunately it won’t be too hot (high of 72). Time to start heading south again.

I’m checked in and about ready to start the ride. The time is 6:45am, despite what the blog timestamp may say (the WordPress app does weird things with times). Just going to have a bite to eat and then start rolling.

Two weeks ago I went for an afternoon ride that followed some more old roads through forests. I actually left the house in the morning, but initially rode into the Mt. Tom State Reservation to meet others for a wildlife presentation there (I’ll write more about that in a separate post). After that, and a … Read more

In our last episode, I had spent Sept. 1 biking down to New Haven, CT. After getting there, I checked into my lodging, showered, and put on non-bike clothes. I walked a few blocks to get dinner, and the place I stopped was really good: Mamoun’s Falafel. I had a falafel sandwich and a glass … Read more

[Note: the donations to the Food Bank reached my goal yesterday! Thanks to everyone who has contributed, and people are still welcome to give.] On the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, I set out for a 2-day bike trip to New Haven and back. This is a trip that I’ve been wanting to make for … Read more

Because of various travel, I just had one weekend in August in which I was able to get out on the bike. I made it count, though, with a bunch of hill climbing. I rode west to Westfield, which involves a moderate hill on Route 202, and went across the northern edge of Westfield, before … Read more

The last weekend in July I headed out on my bike for Greenfield, a destination I seem to hit once a year. I planned separate routes there and back, neither one being the most direct path. It was pretty much all roads I’d traveled in the past, and I did not end up taking any … Read more

In mid-July, I headed out in the morning for a ride while the weather was still relatively cool. I went looking for a bike path that I had heard someone mention last year, but about which I could find little information online. It was supposed to be in the city of West Springfield, and run … Read more