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Darth Vader wouldn’t be a very good mathematician

STUDENT: “But Dr. Vader, how do we know the conjecture is true?”

DV: “Search your feelings…”

Posted by seaking on 08-28-2005 at 07:08 pm
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  1. “I have altered the axioms. Pray I don’t alter them further.”

    Comment by D'gou — August 28, 2005 @ 23:52
  2. I’ve encountered all of the above critters in the NW Pennsylvania house in which I now live, with the possible exception of the flying cockroach, and with the possible addition of one or two life forms I have yet to classify as terrestrial and don’t want to talk about right now. Not sure what age of house has to do with critter ambience, but my place was built circa 1885 — so maybe there’s something to it. Three cheers for “have-a-bat-with-humanity!” If it weren’t for the local bat population, I’d have to slather myself in toxins every time I went outside. No thanks — much rather have the little guys sleeping all day in my attic. I’m kicking around the idea of buying or building a few bat houses to encourage bat multiplicity. Not sure yet where to put them, and still somewhat preoccupied with keeping a roof over my own head. Might start sleeping inverted as a compromise.

    Comment by Prónius — August 29, 2005 @ 00:24

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