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Just a quick post tonight, as I’m pressed for time. When I was in the Keflavik airport, about to fly to England, I found this postcard in the duty-free shop: (Click the photo to see it at a larger size)   I thought it summed up the trip pretty nicely.    😉

One thing I did not mention from my Las Vegas trip was that, during my walk along the Vegas Strip, I had stopped in at a mall to use the bathroom.  I didn’t think it very worth mentioning here that I had visited a shopping mall, nor was it worth photographing, as it looked pretty … Read more

The other night I was cutting up several leeks to make soup.  When I sliced one of them open, I found that there was some waviness inside: I’m not sure what could have caused this.  It seems like something was pushing down on the middle of the plant, forcing those center layers to buckle.  Maybe … Read more

A quick post tonight to show 2 photos taken a while ago. I spotted this sign while driving home from work one day: I made sure to be “coutious”. This one below was just me being silly: Nuclear Pot Pie!  

Computer software may be able to win on a quiz show, but can it be trusted to identify groceries? Every week I look through the sale items at my local supermarkets.  I do this online, and generally go looking through by category.  This week I noticed interesting placement of some items on one store’s site, … Read more

Short post today, as I don’t have much time.  Back in the mid to late summer, I happened upon two instances of livestock birds sitting on fences.  The pictures were taken with my cell phone, so please excuse the blurriness of some of them. This is one of our neighbors’ laying hens: And this is … Read more

Last month I attended the first ever New England Webcomics Weekend (NEWW).  It was pretty fun.  It was billed as the first comic convention (in the U.S anyway) that was all webcomic artists – nobody who works mainly or solely in the print realm.  Given how popular webcomics have gotten this decade, it’s surprising that … Read more

Another quiz, again discovered on Matt’s blog (and I like his result better than mine).  My post title refers, of course, to this movie (hmm, which is actually from ’79 – oh, well).   Your Score: Ray Stantz 168 Heart, 154 Genius, 128 Cool, 156 Excitability Dr. Raymond Stantz – (Dan Aykroyd) Ghostbusters (1984) You … Read more