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A few more little reviews of webcomics today. In the past I have mentioned Narbonic, by Shaenon Garrity, and her strip Skin Horse that was new at the time.  She collaborates with Jeffrey Wells on Skin Horse (they co-write it, and she does all the art), and now that it’s been running for a few … Read more

So this is a quick review of a comic I’ve been following for about a year, now.  I picked up a copy of the first book collection of Family Man from its creator, Dylan Meconis, at Webcomics Weekend last year.  In one of my posts about that convention, I briefly mentioned and linked to her, … Read more

A month ago I made my way to a small, one-day comic convention in New York: the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival.  It’s a pretty new con – this was only its second year – but it attracted a great variety of talent. I drove part of the way there, but parked in Connecticut and … Read more

On the second day of NEWW, I had a bit of time to spend looking over artist tables and deciding whether I wanted to try anything new.  I ended up buying a book from Jonathan Rosenberg, some of whose earlier books I have. I was scheduled to volunteer at 1:00, and I ended up getting … Read more

I spotted this on a bulletin board while at NEWW: I guess that means that webcomics are a Big Fucking Deal! I went to one panel on the first day of the con.  It was about world-building.  Here’s a pic of the panelists: From left to right: Aaron Diaz; Spike; Evan Dahm; Liz Baillie; and … Read more

Earlier this month I had the pleasure to head across the river and attend the second New England Webcomics Weekend.  It may yet become an annual event, but this one was held a bit over a year-and-a-half after the first one. Above is the marquee on the Eastworks building in Easthampton.  The actual building entrance … Read more

Another comic review tonight: for several years I had heard of, and had recommended to me, the comic Girl Genius, by Phil and Kaja Foglio.  I finally started reading it about a year ago. Like Runners, this started out as a print comic, and later moved to the web.  For some time now it’s been … Read more

Here’s another review of a sci-fi webcomic.  This one is Spacetrawler, by Chris Baldwin.  I’ve been reading Baldwin’s comics for darn near a decade, and he’s one of my favorite cartoonists.  (as an aside, I got to meet him for the first time this past weekend at NEWW, but the details of that event will … Read more

Here’s another sci-fi webcomic review.  Galaxion, by Tara Tallan, concerns space exploration and a mission to test an experimental interstellar drive (after 2 previous experiments met with failure). This comic is one that was first published as a print comic series in the 1990’s, but Tallan relaunched it on the web a few years ago, … Read more