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In our last episode, I had spent Sept. 1 biking down to New Haven, CT. After getting there, I checked into my lodging, showered, and put on non-bike clothes. I walked a few blocks to get dinner, and the place I stopped was really good: Mamoun’s Falafel. I had a falafel sandwich and a glass … Read more

On my last day in London I got to spend half the day in the city.  I left the apartment I’d been staying in and took the bus up to King’s Cross station again, and stored my luggage there.  I then walked to the British Museum again to go through more of its galleries (stopping … Read more

On Friday, 9/12, I headed for Picadilly in the morning, to go by a small art gallery.  The gallery had a showing of photographs of Kate Bush by 2 different photographers (showing that month because of the concerts).  Before stopping in to the gallery, I found a somewhat fancy restaurant in which to have breakfast, … Read more

On July 4th I went biking in a big loop.  I first headed south through the town of South Hadley, then west through Holyoke.  I passed through Anniversary Hill Park, where I had biked a few years ago, only this time I did not come out the way I had entered the park, I passed … Read more

The conference I was attending had useful presentations and discussions during the days, but on the Tuesday evening, there was to be something called the “Client Event”.  There had been no information published in advance about what went on there, and when I asked some people about it, I found that the content of this … Read more

Earlier this year, I signed up for a new offer from They Might Be Giants called the Instant Fan Club.  One of the benefits of the membership fee was 2 free tickets to any show on the band’s then upcoming tour.  Once the tour dates for 2011 were announced, I saw that the band would … Read more

This morning I heard a report on our local public radio station, WFCR, about a music group called The Books.  I’d never heard of them before, but they sound pretty cool.  It’s a duo who use various found audio sources and mix it with original guitar and cello compositions.  The few tracks they played in … Read more