On my last day in London I got to spend half the day in the city.  I left the apartment I’d been staying in and took the bus up to King’s Cross station again, and stored my luggage there.  I then walked to the British Museum again to go through more of its galleries (stopping on the way for one more full English breakfast – the first one I got that included toast).

I went through a few Asian galleries, the remaining Greek ones, and Assyrian ones.  I also went through a large library that had display cases summarizing the history of the types of collecting done for the museum and what was learned from various categories of collected objects.

I left the museum, having been through pretty much every gallery, around 4pm, and took a quick subway ride back to King’s Cross.  I picked up my bags and got on the Underground’s Picadilly line, which goes all the way to Heathrow.

Once at the airport, I had a bit of a walk to get to the check-in counter, but I got through there and security fairly quickly, and then had some food while waiting for my flight.  Heathrow has an unusual way of handling departure gates – they have all the passengers wait in one central area, and only announce which gate your flight will leave from about 40 minutes before departure.

The flight was full, but comfy, and I watched one more Icelandic film – this one a documentary called Ash, about the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 and the consequences that 3 farm families suffered from all the ash that fell.

I got into Keflavik around 11:30pm, and had an overnight layover ahead of me before my flight to the US.  Was it a pleasant night?  Stay tuned tomorrow…