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There’s a fun little feature on the website for the movie of The Golden Compass. If you’re familiar with the book, or even if you aren’t, you may want to rate the accuracy of my result, and see what your own is. <;param name=”movie” value=”″>

Yesterday I went to Albany, NY for the annual Tulip Festival. It wasn’t anything intrinsic to this festival that drew me (though I do like tulips), but rather the fact that there were a couple of stages of entertainment, and the headlining act was They Might Be Giants. Those who know me know that I’m … Read more

I’ve added two new blog links to the sidebar, and you can tell they’re men of distinction, because they’re both named Sean. Sean Pronay is a friend from Cincinnati, who I met through a local Dennis Kucinich group during the 2004 election. In addition to sharing many of my political perspectives, he also is a … Read more

Or, “o w OW” for short. For those readers who might happen to live in or near Western Mass., there will be a screening this weekend of rare footage from unfinished Orson Welles projects: “The Unseen Orson Welles.” It’s a three-hour program, and will be showing at the Academy of Music theater in Northampton on … Read more

Last night we went to Holyoke to see the Wire Monkey Dance troupe. It’s part dance and part acrobatics, as they do much of their movement on large pieces of scaffold that get moved around, taken apart and reconfigured throughout the performance. Cool stuff.

I just found this out today, but Don Adams (Maxwell Smart for those who don’t recognize the actor’s name) died last weekend. Here’s the story. I always found him hilarious as Smart, and think of him fondly, even though the rest of his career was less impressive. I’d certainly rank Get Smart as one of … Read more

Today we went to see Bread and Puppet Theatre perform on the Hampshire College campus. I’ve known about this troupe for a few years, but hadn’t had a chance to see them before. They perform a sort-of circus-like series of skits, all done with various kinds of human-sized puppetry, masks, and so forth, and all … Read more

After 12 years, Kate Bush (no relation to Dubya) is finally releasing a new album. She announced last December that she would have an album out in 2005, but now the release date is official: Nov. 8th. A few more details are available here. I’ve been a fan since 1989, so it has been a … Read more