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Here’s the detailed story of my Will Bike 4 Food ride this past Sunday. I arrived later than I had in past years – getting there with my bike at 6:45 or so instead of 6:30. This was not a problem, though, as they were not offering a big spread of food this year (because … Read more

Well, I have made it to the end of the ride. Unfortunately, I did not do better than my 2019 time. My total time was 9 hours and 10 minutes. That is still the second best time I’ve had for a century ride. Now it’s time to eat. Then head home and get cleaned up. … Read more

I’m in Leyden center, at 11:30, the halfway point in the ride, and I think also the highest elevation in the ride. Just before I passed back into Mass, I encountered a couple of young raccoons crossing the road. They scampered off into the brush before I could stop to take a picture. I’ve got … Read more