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As I mentioned briefly in my first post this month, I went to Las Vegas for a convention for work (the same conference I went to in 2011).  The trip out there was uneventful, and I made it to the hotel fine. The hotel I and my co-workers were staying in this time was the … Read more

So I posted a few weeks back about the 2 flowers that bloomed this year on our night-blooming sirius plant.  It seems that it had not finished at that time with producing flowers.  While I was vacationing abroad in September, 6 more flowers began to grow on the same plant!  Now, none of those got … Read more

I posted last year about the flower on our night-blooming cereus plant, which was open for less than 24 hours.  It bloomed again this year, on almost the same date. Here is a picture from late June, when we had just noticed that a flower was growing: Here is the flower one day before blooming … Read more

Catching up with a few photos from the past few months. Back in January I was flying home from a visit to Michigan.  As I waited in the Detroit airport, I noticed something moving through the air in the concourse.  Then I saw more than one thing.  It turned out that there were birds that … Read more

Continuing where my previous post left off, here are things I saw as I headed back south on Las Vegas Boulevard (aka The Strip). I don’t recall for sure which hotel/casino this belonged to, but it may have been the Riviera: Here’s the front of the Riviera: Here’s a ship at the casino Treasure Island: … Read more

Visiting the Las Vegas Strip, that is.  It’s a long section of Las Vegas Boulevard where most (I think it’s most) of the big casinos and attractions are located.  On Monday night I had a the evening free, and decided to go walking up and down the Strip. I started from the MGM Grand, which … Read more

So I flew to Las Vegas yesterday to attend a conference for work.  When was hunting around for fares, I found the best price on Southwest airlines, which I haven’t flown in a very long time.  I was surprised to discover that I could get a direct flight from Connecticut to LV.  The flight out … Read more

The other night I was cutting up several leeks to make soup.  When I sliced one of them open, I found that there was some waviness inside: I’m not sure what could have caused this.  It seems like something was pushing down on the middle of the plant, forcing those center layers to buckle.  Maybe … Read more