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The second half of my birthday in Boston involved a lot of aquatic life.  After having lunch I headed to the waterfront, and the New England Aquarium.  I had bought a combo ticket in advance for the aquarium itself and a trip on their whale watch boat. The aquarium had a new exhibit (though the … Read more

In February, we celebrated our anniversary by going to visit Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory in the town of Deerfield, Mass.  I had passed by the place before, but never been there.  After living in this area for more than 6 years, it was about time to check it out. Once you pay admission and … Read more

Once again I attended a concert by They Might Be Giants.  Like the previous 2 I went to, this one took place in the Calvin Theater in Northampton.  Unlike any other TMBG show I’ve been to, this one was on New Year’s Eve. I took pictures using both my regular camera and my iPhone, so … Read more

Another quiz, again discovered on Matt’s blog (and I like his result better than mine).  My post title refers, of course, to this movie (hmm, which is actually from ’79 – oh, well).   Your Score: Ray Stantz 168 Heart, 154 Genius, 128 Cool, 156 Excitability Dr. Raymond Stantz – (Dan Aykroyd) Ghostbusters (1984) You … Read more

So it seems that DARPA is interested in making cyborgs. Animal cyborgs, at least – both flying and swimming ones – to gather intelligence in otherwise hard to reach places. I have to confess, I find this almost as cool as I find it scary. Cybernetic organisms have only been in the realm of science … Read more

Went to Philadelphia this past weekend, and took in the Bodyworlds exhibit at the Franklin Institute. It was extremely fascinating. Seeing real human internal anatomy in person was well worth the admission price, especially since one’s only other option would be going to med school (the only other legal option, anyway). In addition to seeing … Read more