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He’s at it again

Most people who know me may remember my fundraising bike ride in 2007, which I did to raise money for MS research.  Well, I’m going to be doing that ride again this year.  My reasons remain the same – knowing people with MS and wanting to help out in some way.  The last time I did this, I set a low goal, and ended up getting quite a bit more in contributions.  So this time, I’m more ambitious in what I think I can raise: my goal is a cool $1000.

I’m riding 50 miles again, a distance I have not tackled since that previous MS ride.  Once again, I need to work up to it, so I’ll be posting here about my training rides.  I also expect that I will be able to live blog some of the event this time (I thought I could last time, but my cell phone wasn’t up to the task – I have a better device now).

I have a page setup on the National MS Society web site where you can make contributions, though you can also contact me to pledge and then pay later.  If you have any questions, please do e-mail me.

Posted by seaking on 08-31-2009 at 10:08 pm
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