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This is my final post from the trip to Canada last month.  Toward the end of the week there, I got a chance to go hiking in Kouchibouguac National Park, which is about an hour North of the city of Moncton. Something that’s interesting about the park is the variety of different types of forest … Read more

While in Canada we took a day trip to Belfast Mini Mills on Prince Edward Island, just as we did in June of 2007. The company makes small machines for every step of the fiber milling process (from raw fiber to yarn), and they also run a mill operation themselves.  This is the mill building: … Read more

My second training ride occurred during the last weekend of August.  I went to a location I’d biked to a few times before, including on my first training ride in 2007.  That place is the Quabbin Reservoir.  To get there, I headed East from our house through Amherst and into Belchertown, stopping off at our … Read more

No, it’s not another bike training post.  I’ll be alternating those with a few posts about our trip to Canada last month.  We went to New Brunswick, as we’ve done a couple of times before (2006 and 2007).  Where we were staying, we were only about 100 yards from the beach, and so we went … Read more

My first training ride for the MS event involved going to visit a spot that I’ve been meaning to hit for a couple of years.  That would be Sugarloaf Mountain in Deerfield.  I rode North through Hadley, picking up Route 116 and taking it through the town of Sunderland, and then across the river into … Read more