So this evening well after dinner, as often happens in our house, I was cooking a meal that we’ll eat for dinner the next few nights.  I was criticized for the fact that it smelled good, but was not to be eaten right away.  The conversation turned to the suggestion that perhaps I should make things that are unappetizing, so as to avoid this situation.

Among the ideas we came up with were things like franks and beans (somewhat unappetizing even to those in the household who aren’t vegetarians).  This ended up morphing into pieces of hot dog in sloppy joe sauce.  We quickly dubbed these Sloppy Dogs, and had a good laugh.

Then, we thought to check Google, and found that they already exist.

(and, dare I say it, some of them sound kind of good)

P.S.:  In related news, I saw this post this evening on the blog Cookrookery, and couldn’t resist adding some suggestions in the comments.