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She was originally called Spike by her previous owner, and came to live with us in the Fall of 1997. We think she was around 4 years old or so then, but we’re not entirely sure. Nematode liked to sit under blankets and such, and also liked to lay down on the other cats. She … Read more

This year, we’ve noticed one of our cats, Nematode, losing weight. We took her to the vet in August when we thought she was below 8 pounds (normal weight for her is 10 or more), and found that she was actually 8.4. We just checked her again and found she was 7 pounds, and took … Read more

So a few mornings ago, I had gotten up, and discovered a dead mouse lying on a piece of laundry on the bedroom floor. At first, I though maybe it had fallen from behind a ceiling panel, since I’d seen and heard at least one mouse up there (see Indoor Wildlife). It may have fallen, … Read more