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I have finished the ride – got to the end at 4:25, which means my time was nearly 9.5 hours. Not the 9 hours I’d hoped, but at least I shaved 15 to 20 minutes off my time from last year. Going to eat now. Expect a write up of the whole ride in a … Read more

I’m at the last rest stop, in Williamsburg. I’m at mile 86, so I could still finish on time for my goal (it’s 3:03 now), but we’ll see. My legs are sore and weak, and the last few hills have been tough.

I am now in Leyden center, at the 50 mile mark. There’s no rest stop here, but I’ve stopped for a minute to catch my breath after coming up some hills. It is now 11:25am, so I’m on track to do this in 9 hours. More climbing ahead.

I’m at the second rest stop, at about the 41 mile mark. This is a new stop this year, in Guilford, Vermont, and is much appreciated, as we don’t get another one until mile 70 or so.

I’m at the first rest stop, in Northfield. I made good time, getting here in just under 2 hours. Note: the WordPress app puts weird time stamps on posts. I posted my previous entry a few minutes before 7:00, and it is currently 9:03. On toward Vermont!

I just made it back, at 4:45.  I started at 7:00am, so that means I equaled my time from last year.  If not for the heat, perhaps I could have done better.

I’m at the last water stop, in Williamsburg.  It’s 3:30, and I’ve got 16 miles to go.  The stops have been better than last year, as all of them have had beverages on ice.  It’s nice to get cold drinks – especially as it’s 91 degrees today. Home stretch, here I come.

My riding time is not historic – not yet, anyway.  The post title refers to Historic Deerfield, of which I’m on the outskirts.  I’m just about 68 miles in, so 2/3 of the way done.  I see that I got some more donations, and the total is now $1000!  I’ll be making my matching donation … Read more

I am at the Leyden town hall in beautiful downtown Leyden.  I got here about 20 minutes ago, then had a sandwich that I got from the first stop.  The second water stop is still quite a ways away, but there’s a cafe here where I was able to fill up my bottles and use … Read more