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I’ve made it to the last rest stop, which is a bit further down the road than advertised, so there was some confusion in finding it. There has been light rain off and on for the past 90 minutes. I’m at mile 85, so the rest will probably take me an hour.

I’m at the third stop now, at Deerfield Academy. I was greeted by the usual cheering throng of students who are volunteering. given the time, there is still a chance that I’ll finish in 9 hours, but we’ll see.

I’m at the halfway point now, in Leyden Center. Just climbed the steepest hill of the day. the weather is warmer, but it has gotten overcast, so I’m not feeling super warm while riding. It is supposed to rain later – hopefully it will hold off until I finish.

I’m at the second water stop, which is in Guilford, VT, and is in a different spot than last year. Instead of the fire station, the stop is in front of the Guilford Country Store. I’m still feeling pretty good, and ready for the climbing to come.

I am at Will Bike 4 Food, and am about ready to start out. I’m the 8th rider to check in. it’s chilly – the temp is in the 40s – but it will get up to 70 later.

I have finished the ride – got to the end at 4:25, which means my time was nearly 9.5 hours. Not the 9 hours I’d hoped, but at least I shaved 15 to 20 minutes off my time from last year. Going to eat now. Expect a write up of the whole ride in a … Read more

I’m at the last rest stop, in Williamsburg. I’m at mile 86, so I could still finish on time for my goal (it’s 3:03 now), but we’ll see. My legs are sore and weak, and the last few hills have been tough.