First, let me begin by stating that I am attempting to fulfill the requirements of NaBloPoMo this year (National Blog Posting Month).  Actually it’s just one requirement – I will endeavor to post something to this blog each day for the month of November.  This is the first of those 30 posts.

This past August, we made another trip up to New Brunswick, to among other activities, spend time exploring the beach.  Here I present some of my better vacation photos.

Here’s the beach scene one day near dusk:

There were plenty of Gulls around, of course, some of them large, like this one:

This crab was deceased, but I later saw more than one large crab walking around under the water (and trying to avoid humans).  I didn’t get great pictures of the live ones.

This is a clam bed, with all the little hole for the clams’ breathing apparati:

At one point I saw something moving across the dry sand, and looking closer, I saw that it was a sand-colored spider!

Here’s a hand for size comparison:

We came upon some fun sculpture in the sand as well.  Here’s one where we felt welcomed:

A dragon with a city on its back:

The best was a squid attacking a ship:

I think it’s supposed to be the Love Boat: