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I went for another training ride today. This one was shorter, but with more significant (i.e. steeper) hill climbing. It was also raining for part of the time I was riding. The rain almost deterred me from riding, but I eventually decided it might be useful to try riding in the rain, because it may … Read more

Some details in this post may be a little gross for the squeamish, just to warn you. Shark was going along seemingly fine on the medications prescribed to him, until a few days ago.  He threw up a little after being in the litter box (and not doing anything there), and this raised red flags … Read more

Another online quiz, this one to determine how nerdy one is, and in what ways. I didn’t score as highly as I thought I would. One neat thing I liked about this quiz is that it has more than 2 options for answering the gender question. 🙂

I totally didn’t see or hear this reported in news outlets that I usually monitor, but a judge in Iowa has ruled that same-sex couples cannot be denied marriage licenses.  Fortunately, I got the news from my friend Stasa’s blog.  The story can be found at the Des Moines Register’s site. This ruling, if it … Read more