So, some number of weeks ago we had heard a scratching sound in some of the kitchen cupboards.  We suspected mice.  Fortunately, this cupboard area did not contain any food.  At one point, a small furry thing was spotted briefly, and the cookbooks in the cupboard then got removed to prevent their being shredded.

Plans were discussed.  Traps were purchased.  Traps did not work – that is, the traps (the live trap kind) were found closed with no rodents in them.  Soon after the setting of these traps, the noise ceased for a couple of weeks.

But then tonight, we heard it again, and opened the cupboard to get a good look at what was creeping around.   It looked too big to be a mouse.  Its head was not pointy enough.  Its tail was not thin and hairless.  In fact, after some googling of images, we discovered that we have a Southern Flying Squirrel lurking in our cupboards!
We have yet to actually snap a picture, or figure out what to do about the thing.  We are finding it bizarre and kind of cool to have such a creature in there, rather than a run-of-the-mill mouse.  Of course, the squirrel probably finds it exceedingly odd that there are people lurking in its ‘tree’.