Yesterday I headed for downtown Noho, looking forward to picking up some bread at our usual bakery (Bakery Normand).  I hadn’t gotten any bread there in a few weeks, because I was trying to use up some store-bought stuff that I had bought too much of.  I missed the nice, fresh wheat and flaxseed bread they make, and wanted to pick up a couple of loaves.

I got there and discovered a sign on the door indicating that they were closed for vacation, and would be back at the end of the week.  Annoying to be sure, but I decided that I could go to a different bread bakery in town (Hungry Ghost Bread Co.), and get some there.  It’s pricier, and not quite as good as BN, but still nice bread.

Turns out that they were specially closed as well for the next couple of day – no reason given on the sign.  Bah!  I ended up getting some okay bread at a small grocery store across the street from HGBC, but I have to wonder if there is a bakers’ conspiracy convention going on.