I’m writing this blog post from bed (a time when it’s useful to have a laptop).  Normally, I don’t get to bed quite this early, but my partner needs to be up at the crack of 3:30, and can’t easily fall asleep alone.

I’m musing on this week’s puzzle given by Will Shortz on NPR.  It is as follows:

“What is the longest familiar phrase, title or name in which the only consonants are N and T, repeated as often as necessary? The other letters are vowels. Try to think of an answer with at least 18 letters.”

I’ve come up with a few 18-letter phrases that fit the bill, except that they aren’t familiar at all.  Nonetheless, the words might be used to make up the answer.

I was thinking that longer words would help, but it could be that what’s needed are several short words.  Here are words I’ve come up with that only use those 2 consonants:

  • attention
  • nation
  • attenuation
  • inattention
  • tone
  • note
  • nine
  • in
  • at
  • to
  • into
  • tenant
  • tint
  • tiny
  • intent
  • intention
  • inane
  • inanity

Anyone have other words to suggest?  Note: if you know the answer, or an answer, don’t post it – I don’t want it spoiled.