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Just time for a quick post today.  I thought I should summarize how I’ve done at NaBloPoMo. I technically did not meet the letter of the event rule – there was one day that I did not manage to post, as I tried to upload a photo from my phone and was unable to do … Read more

The title of the post refers to the blog itself. I’ve gone a year without posting anything, but there are several set of pictures and some travels that I want to post, and I thought that would dovetail nicely with National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), which is the month of November. I wanted to start … Read more

[Just to note, this is my 200th blog post.] So, last Saturday, in the midst of the snowstorm (which I wrote about in my last post), I headed out to an event at a church in another town.  The event was a piano concert given by a friend of mine, preceded by a supper.  I … Read more

This year, I’m making another attempt at fulfilling the NaBloPoMo challenge.  That is, November is National Blog Posting Month, so I’ll be trying to post something here each day in the month of November.  30 posts in 30 days, and here goes with the first. If you live in the same area as me, you’re … Read more

I seem to have already failed at the challenge of posting to my blog every day this month.  I did not post at all yesterday.  I wasn’t even all that busy in the evening – I just plain forgot to do it.  Easy to do if one is not in the habit. I still think … Read more

This technically should have been posted yesterday, but I didn’t get to it.  In any case, it has now been 5 years since I started this blog!  The first post went online August 25, 2005.  Now, I don’t post as often as some people I know, so in 5 years I’ve produced the same number … Read more

So I have an iPhone that I got as a hand-me-down earlier this year. I’m writing this post on the phone, using the WordPress app. If this works well, I’ll be able to do some better liveblogging of my ride this Saturday than I was able to do last year. If you can see a … Read more

I’ve updated several pages on my website over the last few days, which included adding links to some webcomics that I hadn’t linked to before.  I’ve also added links to these in the blog sidebar (over there on the left and scroll down a bit), but I thought it would be good to give them … Read more

Today, I updated the software for this blog and for Sad Libs to the newest WordPress version. Doing this required deleting and replacing a lot of files on the server. I don’t think it will have much visible effect, but if you notice a bunch of old posts appearing on the RSS feed as if … Read more

My domain has been transferred to a new registrar and hosting provider.  I actually posted with the same title as above before moving the blog to the new server, but apparently that post didn’t make it over.  So the move wasn’t quite as transparent as I thought. In any case, it seems to be all … Read more