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In mid-July, I went on a business trip to Memphis, attending a conference put on by a software vendor.  It was my first time being anywhere in Tennessee.  The person who wanted me to go, and who was in charge of the travel budget, insisted that I should stay in the same hotel where the … Read more

A few weeks ago I traveled to NYC for the day, and attended the MoCCA Art Fest – an indie comic convention that I’ve been to twice before. As I did last year, I drove to Norwalk, CT, and then took the train into Grand Central Station.  I was able to walk to the convention … Read more

On a trip to Michigan over the July 4 weekend, I decided to finally go visit a place that I’ve known about for over 15 years. For that length of time, I’ve been cooking using recipes in various cookbooks published by The Moosewood Restaurant (or rather, by members of the collective that runs the restaurant). … Read more

Earlier this month I headed down to NYC for the MOCCA Art Fest. MOCCA is the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, and it’s located in Manhattan. The Art Fest is a small press convention they put on each year. I call it the “other” convention because there was another, larger con going on in … Read more

Earlier this month we went up to Canada for a week. Specifically, we were staying on the coast of New Brunswick. I took plenty of pictures, and present here some choice ones (mostly of fauna, both domestic and wild).

So I took a trip to Michigan a few weeks ago, mainly to attend the Smithee Awards (which I’ll cover in another post), but I also got to see some family and friends. I drove there, staying with my mother who lives in the Detroit area. Generally, the quickest way to get from home to … Read more