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Return of the Indoor Wildlife

So, some number of weeks ago we had heard a scratching sound in some of the kitchen cupboards.  We suspected mice.  Fortunately, this cupboard area did not contain any food.  At one point, a small furry thing was spotted briefly, and the cookbooks in the cupboard then got removed to prevent their being shredded.

Plans were discussed.  Traps were purchased.  Traps did not work – that is, the traps (the live trap kind) were found closed with no rodents in them.  Soon after the setting of these traps, the noise ceased for a couple of weeks.

But then tonight, we heard it again, and opened the cupboard to get a good look at what was creeping around.   It looked too big to be a mouse.  Its head was not pointy enough.  Its tail was not thin and hairless.  In fact, after some googling of images, we discovered that we have a Southern Flying Squirrel lurking in our cupboards!
We have yet to actually snap a picture, or figure out what to do about the thing.  We are finding it bizarre and kind of cool to have such a creature in there, rather than a run-of-the-mill mouse.  Of course, the squirrel probably finds it exceedingly odd that there are people lurking in its ‘tree’.

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Wanna see it again?

My domain has been transferred to a new registrar and hosting provider.  I actually posted with the same title as above before moving the blog to the new server, but apparently that post didn’t make it over.  So the move wasn’t quite as transparent as I thought.

In any case, it seems to be all done now.  Welcome to my new old site.   🙂

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