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The conference I was attending had useful presentations and discussions during the days, but on the Tuesday evening, there was to be something called the “Client Event”.  There had been no information published in advance about what went on there, and when I asked some people about it, I found that the content of this … Read more

Continuing where my previous post left off, here are things I saw as I headed back south on Las Vegas Boulevard (aka The Strip). I don’t recall for sure which hotel/casino this belonged to, but it may have been the Riviera: Here’s the front of the Riviera: Here’s a ship at the casino Treasure Island: … Read more

Visiting the Las Vegas Strip, that is.  It’s a long section of Las Vegas Boulevard where most (I think it’s most) of the big casinos and attractions are located.  On Monday night I had a the evening free, and decided to go walking up and down the Strip. I started from the MGM Grand, which … Read more

Just a short post tonight, as I’m getting to today’s post fairly late.  It’s another in my ongoing Las Vegas series (which will continue for a few days, even though I’m home now). This is the convention center attached to the MGM Grand, in which the conference I was attending took place: I’ve only been … Read more

The hotel where I’m staying (and at which the conference is taking place) is the MGM Grand.  Here’s what it looks like, as seen from the southeast (on Tropicana Blvd, near where the bus from the airport dropped me off). Those ads near the top are static, so I think they might be some kind … Read more

So I flew to Las Vegas yesterday to attend a conference for work.  When was hunting around for fares, I found the best price on Southwest airlines, which I haven’t flown in a very long time.  I was surprised to discover that I could get a direct flight from Connecticut to LV.  The flight out … Read more

(Note: I’m writing this post while sitting in the airport.  I’m about to fly to Las Vegas – more about the trip in subsequent posts.) Last weekend I drove down to West Springfield to drop some people off at the Big E fairgrounds, and to pick up a birthday cake from a bakery there (not … Read more

The other night I was cutting up several leeks to make soup.  When I sliced one of them open, I found that there was some waviness inside: I’m not sure what could have caused this.  It seems like something was pushing down on the middle of the plant, forcing those center layers to buckle.  Maybe … Read more

We’ve collected a number of recipes that use chestnuts, some of which we didn’t end up liking.  The one that has been the best was chestnut flour pancakes.  This is the recipe that we started with, and I converted the metric measurements to English (and the weights to volumes).  I further changed the proportion of … Read more