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I have alluded briefly in previous posts to our having chestnut trees on our property.  There is one in the front of the house, by the driveway, and one on the edge of the backyard.  Both are by the property line with one of our neighbors. Chestnut trees are odd for a couple of reasons.  … Read more

Not long after I started this blog, in the Autumn of 2005, I posted a recipe for pumpkin pizza.  I’ve recently made another (delicious) variant on that recipe. The crust is the same, as is the amount of gouda cheese.  This version uses more pumpkin or squash, covering most of the cheese surface.  Besides the … Read more

So this evening well after dinner, as often happens in our house, I was cooking a meal that we’ll eat for dinner the next few nights.  I was criticized for the fact that it smelled good, but was not to be eaten right away.  The conversation turned to the suggestion that perhaps I should make … Read more

On a trip to Michigan over the July 4 weekend, I decided to finally go visit a place that I’ve known about for over 15 years. For that length of time, I’ve been cooking using recipes in various cookbooks published by The Moosewood Restaurant (or rather, by members of the collective that runs the restaurant). … Read more

One of the more fun presents I got for Xmas was a package of Giant Pocky.  For those not familiar with the Japanese confection known as Pocky, it is crunchy sticks coated in chocolate (or other flavors not shown on the page I linked to – of which there are many).  I’m a big fan … Read more

I didn’t pay much attention to the sticker when I bought the melon – only enough to type in the PLU# at the self-scan checkout.  After I got it home, though, I was surprised to discover a reference to The Outsiders on my honeydew: Nothing gold can stay, of course, and the melon is no … Read more

Yesterday I headed for downtown Noho, looking forward to picking up some bread at our usual bakery (Bakery Normand).  I hadn’t gotten any bread there in a few weeks, because I was trying to use up some store-bought stuff that I had bought too much of.  I missed the nice, fresh wheat and flaxseed bread … Read more

Although it’s by way of Canada. Last weekend I happened to be in what’s primarily an office supply store in downtown Amherst, but which has a candy section at the front. I noticed they had Coffee Crisp candy bars. “Ah,” I thought, “they import Coffee Crisp here.” You see, Coffee Crisp is one of my … Read more

I don’t normally write restaurant reviews, but then, this isn’t really a normal review. That is to say, I have nothing to say about the food at Marge’s Kitchen, because I haven’t actually had any. Here is the story: Marge’s Kitchen is a small breakfast restaurant in Northampton, MA. It’s a short walk from where … Read more