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They forgot H.G. Wells

Another quiz, again discovered on Matt’s blog (and I like his result better than mine).  My post title refers, of course, to this movie (hmm, which is actually from ’79 – oh, well).


Your Score: Ray Stantz

168 Heart, 154 Genius, 128 Cool, 156 Excitability

Dr. Raymond Stantz – (Dan Aykroyd)

Ghostbusters (1984)

You are Ray Stantz! The heart of the Ghostbusters. You’re well-meaning, smart, and you have a childlike sense of wonder about the world. You might get taken advantage of, every once in a while, but it’s okay… You’re doing your part to help save the world.

“Gozer the Gozerian… good evening. As a duly designated representative of the City, County and State of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.”

Other scientific possibilities:

Gary Wallace

Wyatt Donnelly

Peter Venkman

Jordan Cochran

Egon Spengler

Doc Brown

Newton Crosby

Paul Stephens

Ben Crandall

Wayne Szalinkski

Winston Zeddemore

Ben Jabituya

Lazlo Hollyfeld

Ray Stantz

Buckaroo Banzai

Chris Knight

Link: The Which 80s Movie Scientist Test written by xxyl on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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Cent Mille Bornes

Our Prius hit a milestone this past Wednesday.  Not literally, thankfully (do we even have stones to mark miles anywhere in the US?), but our car now has six digits on the odometer.  It rolled 100K while I was on the way to work, and I stopped to take pics before:


and after:


We’ve had the car not quite six years, but I don’t know whether that’s a lot of use or not that much compared with other people.  It is interesting to reach this mark now, because I’ve been looking into ways to use the car less, which largely is based on using my bike more.  Part of that is trying to ride my bike in cold weather, which I’ve never attempted to do in the past.  This week, though, I plan to ride to work at least once, when the temperature will be 40 or less.  More details later.

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