There’s a new Sadlib today, and, taking a suggestion that was made to me, I have tried a new version of the input form. All the word requests are grouped by part of speech, rather than bring in (or near) the order they get used in the story. Hope you enjoy it.

Last night we went to Holyoke to see the Wire Monkey Dance troupe. It’s part dance and part acrobatics, as they do much of their movement on large pieces of scaffold that get moved around, taken apart and reconfigured throughout the performance. Cool stuff.

So a few mornings ago, I had gotten up, and discovered a dead mouse lying on a piece of laundry on the bedroom floor. At first, I though maybe it had fallen from behind a ceiling panel, since I’d seen and heard at least one mouse up there (see Indoor Wildlife). It may have fallen, … Read more

I just found this out today, but Don Adams (Maxwell Smart for those who don’t recognize the actor’s name) died last weekend. Here’s the story. I always found him hilarious as Smart, and think of him fondly, even though the rest of his career was less impressive. I’d certainly rank Get Smart as one of … Read more

Today we went to see Bread and Puppet Theatre perform on the Hampshire College campus. I’ve known about this troupe for a few years, but hadn’t had a chance to see them before. They perform a sort-of circus-like series of skits, all done with various kinds of human-sized puppetry, masks, and so forth, and all … Read more

Planned Parenthood seems to have done this already in other places, but currently they have a very creative fundraiser going on in the Philly area. I especially like the fact that they’ll be posting a sign about it, so the protesters get a good look at the effect they are having. It’s a nice variation … Read more

Over the weekend I fixed some links, added some content, etc. Updates have been made to the comics, music, people, and resume pages on the site. There is also a new Sad Lib posted. As for the blog feed, I’ve added an RSS 2.0 version for those who can’t read Atom (they’re both linked in … Read more

I posted last week that I have a new job. It’s all official now, and today was my first day. Say ‘Hello’ to the new Production Manager at Amherst Community Television! I’ve worked a couple of cable access jobs in the past, and have found it to be extremely fulfilling work – so getting a … Read more

So apparently, the US Postal Service has some stamps out that commemorate a few American scientists. I’m not sure how these 4 were selected, but it’s a nice, tasteful set of stamps. While those 4 didn’t do work in evolutionary biology, a need was felt for honoring non-scientists involved in Intelligent Design. Those stamps can … Read more