(I came up with this a year or so ago): “I bought some Riesen for me No, you can’t have any Riesen is the chocolate chew It’s for me, not you…” from “The Riesen”, by Hoobastorck [Note: those not familiar with the original song can hear a sample here, or at the iTunes music store.]

Over the past week-and-a-half, I have had three job interviews, after going all summer applying and getting no interviews. One of those positions got offered to me on Wednesday, and the other two offers came in yesterday. I’ve essentially verbally accepted one, and am negotiating a bit. I’ll provide more details next week, as I … Read more

After 12 years, Kate Bush (no relation to Dubya) is finally releasing a new album. She announced last December that she would have an album out in 2005, but now the release date is official: Nov. 8th. A few more details are available here. I’ve been a fan since 1989, so it has been a … Read more

Some of you may already know about this. In the wake of the Kansas School Board deciding that Intelligent Design should be taught along with the Theory of Evolution in science classes, another theory’s proponents have demanded that their view on the creation of life should also be taught. I speak, of course, of the … Read more

Our house seems to get quite a variety of critters in it. This is probably partly because it’s a very old house, and because we’re sort of surrounded by woods. Some of the encounters we’ve had (some fun, some not so fun): We had a hornet’s nest in one of the windows, and sprayed it, … Read more

Like my super-creative blog title? 😉 Welcome to my weblog. I decided to do this because I thought it would be fun, for one, and might be a good way to provide news about me and interesting links, etc. without having to send lots of e-mails to lots of friends and family members. That said, … Read more