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Another quick post.  A month or so back, I was out mowing the leaves (and a bit of grass), and I saw something moving quickly out of the way of the mower.  It was about the same color as the grass. On closer inspection, it was a large praying mantis: When I say “large,” I … Read more

September 2 was my first full day in Iceland, and as detailed in my last post, it began with picking up a rented bicycle.  Once I rode back to the apartment I’d stayed overnight in, I packed up my things, including trying to compensate for the broken zippers on my luggage.  I loaded the panniers … Read more

This past summer I attended a Hadley Select Board meeting.  As the meeting had high attendance, I could not park around Town Hall, but had to park a ways away and walk back across the road to get to the meeting.  Later in the evening, when I had left the meeting and was waiting for … Read more

On April 12 of this year, I went to the town of Clinton, MA for a “Golden Spike” event where updates were provided on the Massachusetts Central Rail Trail (MCRT).  Presentations were given on each section of the trail, what had been done so far in terms of planning or construction, and what would be … Read more

Readers will recall that, last year, to celebrate my 40th birthday, I biked to Boston and back.  On the way out there, as well as on the way back, I rode on a small section of what will eventually be the Massachusetts Central Rail Trail, running the length of the state.  The section I was … Read more

In early August I went for a ride to the North.  Specifically, I was headed for Northfield, which I had ridden through 2 years ago on my way to Brattleboro, VT.  I took pretty much the same route up there, going through the UMass campus into North Amherst, then heading through Leverett and Montague.  At … Read more

The second half of my birthday in Boston involved a lot of aquatic life.  After having lunch I headed to the waterfront, and the New England Aquarium.  I had bought a combo ticket in advance for the aquarium itself and a trip on their whale watch boat. The aquarium had a new exhibit (though the … Read more

On my birthday bike trip, I spent my birthday itself in Boston and its suburbs.  I decided to give myself a break from the bike seat for the day, so I got around on foot and by public transit.  After breakfasting at my hotel, I walked a few blocks through a residential neighborhood to pick … Read more