The Friday before last I went on a ride out to the town of Ware, and took a bit different route than I’ve used other times. I started by riding east through South Hadley, Granby, and Belchertown on roads I’d used in the past, until I passed Route 21 in Belchertown. Just past it, I … Read more

On Labor Day, I drove to Hadley with my bike, parking next to the Mass Central Rail Trail in the town center. I headed east on the trail into Amherst, then went north through the UMass campus, and headed up route 63 into the town of Leverett. I rode all the way through Leverett on … Read more

The Friday just before Labor Day, I went on a ride to a town I’d been in once before, as well as some towns I’ve been in several times, but I went on a bunch of roads that were new to me. I headed west from home to the Ashley Reservoir, and went south along … Read more

September is here, and with it comes the annual Will Bike 4 Food fundraiser for the Food Bank of Western Mass. I’m participating again, and will be doing 100 miles once more, as there will be an organized, in-person event this time. It takes place on Sept. 26, and the route will be the same … Read more

This past Thursday, I went on my seventh trip, heading south and east from home to a town I had never been to, and had only barely heard of. That would be Wales (not to be confused with the slightly more well known place in the UK). I began by heading across the CT River … Read more